WAITING (To Elizabeth) by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Come on home we want to see you,
Want to visit for a while,
Want to talk the old days over,
Want to see your sunny smile,
How we plane to have you with us,
Talk about it day and night,
Hope you will not disappoint us,
Dear that wouldn’t be just right,
Life deals out some tangled problems, 
Can’t make out the reason, say,
Here am I and mighty lonesome.
You some thousand miles away.
I recall just how we planned it,
When our sun was getting low.
All the things we’d do together,
And the places we would go.

Well the time is growing shorter,
And sometimes the skies are gray,
Don’t put off your promised visit,
Till some future Holiday.
Just get ready, come a smiling.
Couse you’re going to be glad.
Dear you’re going to hate to leave us.
Finest time you ever had.
We will talk tomorrow.
Live and laugh the days away.
We want to talk of any sorrow.
Clean forget the skies are gray.
We will roam along the meadow.
Climb the hills where once we knew.
Every place a patch of violets,
Or sweet honey suckers grew.
Roam along familiar high ways,
Watch the moon all silver white.
Just be glad to be together,
That’s enough to make life bright.
We to be back home together.
Little trips and sweet repose.
Home gossip-growing nearer,
Oh how quick a glad time goes.
One more summer blue above us,
Another sparkling day,
Birds and flowers alone the way.
And the memories ours forever.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
April 16, 1933

Copyright Roy Richard

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