WHEN I GET HOME AGAIN by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

It’s Springtime in Dixie,
	All the is fair to see,
If it were not for the folks at home,
	It’s good enough for me.
The flowers are blooming all around,
	And birds sing all the day,
They want to make me happy,
	Just before I go away.

Oh, the river and the ocean,
	Their beauty can’t be told,
My heart is brimming over,
	With a joy it scarce can hold,
Seems today I’m feeling better,
	Than I have in quite a while,
Seems today the sun shines brighter,
	Seems easier to smile.

For I’m going home to see the folks,
	The ones I love the best,
I’m going to see the mother,
	The kiddies and the rest.
My heart is full of gladness,
	No more joy can it contain,
For it won’t be many days before,
	I see my folks again.

It’s been a weary time,
	That I have journeyed far away,
But I’ve prayed for them at night,
	And I’ve thought of them each day,
They’ll never know the heart ache,
	Nor the tears I would not shed,
When the parting time was nearing,
	And the last good-byes said.

I fear that when the day arrives,
	That we shall meet again,
I’ll be so glad to see them,
	Tears might be flowing then.
For after all its sweeter,
	To meet than to depart,
The meeting time and greeting time,
	Are the times that melt the heart.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Copyright Roy Richard

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