We all have that one pet peeve,
You know the thing that sets you off.
For some the sound of crunching ice,
Others the sound of fingernails dragging a chalkboard,
These instill a sudden madness that blocks out all sanity.

For me it is incompetence.
Made famous by the book, The Peter Principle.
My temper flies when I encounter them in the wild.
Basic common sense no longer is bred into the human race.
Rather it appears sheer luck is all keeping most alive.

You work here and you know nothing of the products?
Your job is cashier and you can’t make change?
Excuse me. You don’t see me standing here?
I’m missing items from my order.

I have calmed down in recent years,
The temper of a young man is gone.
Now I only sigh and shake my head.
Walking away questioning if Darwin was right,
Are only the fittest surviving?

Roy Richard January 2023

Copyright Roy Richard

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