Heartbreak by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Somewhere, someday my heartbreak will mend,
But will never, no never be what it has been,
The aches and the hurts have compiled inside,
And I have no more places to let heartache hide.
So in breaking my heart, my spirit broke too,
And I can no longer spend my strength upon you.
It is now my turn, after all these years,
To start thinking of me and to quite shedding tears.
Ungrateful you are, ungrateful you’ll be,
It seems that’s your natural feeling toward me.
The era has ended, the strings are untied –
As I give up my love, I give up my pride –
And what does that foolish word mean anyway?
Pride carries a price tag for persons to pay.

The Bible says “Pride cometh before a fall.”
So we best have no dealings with that word at all.
Good parents delight in their children and try,
To make their lives happy and not make them cry.
To feed them, to love them, to give them their all.
Until they are ready to stand straight and tall.
I’ve done all these things the best I could.
And you’ve paid me back as I suspected you would,
As the old saying goes and I find it quite true.
You stepped on my toes in toddler’s shoes,
There may have been pain but the hurt wasn’t deep,
For you were learning to walk on your own little feet,
Now your all wizened and grown up and smart,
And part of me died when you stepped on my heart.

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Copyright Roy Richard

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