To Randy Lee by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

This year has seen some changes, in you, my little man.
You’ve added inches to your height and learned to take a stand.
You know that little head of yours has ideas of its own.
And you know how to get your way by standing staunch as stone.
You’ve added words to the very few, you knew a year ago.
“Bird-Turd” is the bestest one – it really steals the show.
You don’t believe in giving up your thoughts without a fight.
But your Mommy or your Daddy will let you know who’s wrong or right.
Those spankings Mommy gives you, through your clothes, don’t hurt much –
But, Boy Oh Boy, when the pants come down, your temper’s up to Bust!
Each day you keep your Mommy busy answering all your whats and whys.
And when she’d like to turn deaf ears, she only breathes a sigh.
Now for the hundredth time today, she tells you to be good.
And to your little question “why?’ She says, “Because you should”.
Of course, the next thing that you say is, “Mommy. What is should?”
This question she can’t answer, but she wishes that she could.
But, you see there are no answers, for two such tiny ears.
And Mommy wonders how you stump her so, within two short lived years.
But somehow, she finds courage, to do her best each day –
And, though she loves you dearly, she is glad to see you hit the hay.
Then when she tucks you in at night and turns the light down low –
She’s thankful for you, Randy Lee, and glad you’re made just so.

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill
September 3, 1957 

Copyright Roy Richard

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