Amy’s Cradle

This is the first of two cradles I have created. This one was for my oldest daughter when she became pregnant. Up to this point I had just made stuff out of wood. This was the first ‘real’ piece I had created and considered it the starting point of my growth as an artesian. 

I learned patience, patience, and more patience in completing this. Some days I would spend three hours in the garage. Other days fifteen minutes. I learned to not rush the work, to take my time. 

One of my former Journeymen, John Weidman (We were/are Die Maker/Machinists), helped me in the design and in the metal work involved. All the hardware was turned by my hands out of brass. 

Amy used this for both of her daughters: Caitlin and Alayna. Finished in April of 2004, Caitlin arrived in May of that year. All three of my granddaughters are the world to me. This along with the cradle built for Kendall are expressions of my love for them.

Disclaimer: I consider myself an artist. Words and wood are my mediums. I ‘create’ items in wood to express myself. I do not consider it a hobby. I do not make jigs and pump out hundreds of ‘craft’ items. I picture something in my mind and I ‘create’ it. It is a part of me.
“Woodworking is a fine art defined as “a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes.” We see beautiful artwork in woodworking all the time, and thus, it can be considered fine art.” (

One thought on “Amy’s Cradle

  1. Love it
    What a beautiful and heartwarming story of craftsmanship and love for family! Your dedication and patience in creating this cradle for your daughter and granddaughters is truly admirable. Keep creating from the heart!
    Great DIY Ideas

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