Mothers by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Some mothers are short – some are quite small – 
Some are quite plumb – others quite tall.
But there is one thing they share from the start –
A tremendous love that comes straight from the heart.
Once they were small like you “wee – ones” here –
They cuddle their dolls – and held them so dear.
The years rolled along – soon they were grown –
Hard work is ahead – they must make a home.
Then comes the family – what work! What Joy!
Dress your little girl’s dollies – bandage your boy.
There’s measles and mumps – then a sniffle and sneeze-
But as usual a “mom” comes through like a breeze.
She’s a doctor, a nurse, a playmate, a teacher-
A chauffeur to take you two a good double feature.
When the children are older and stay out late-
Its mothers who worry and watchfully wait.
For the sound of the turn of your key in the door-
To know you are safe in her nest once more.
A mother is blessed from God above-
When he sends her children to love.
God blesses her with courage to meet each new day-
With faith that’s essential to live the right way-
With knowledge for problems that always arise-
With a sixth – sense to hear her child’s soft cry-
With a love that is deeper than any you will know-
That will always go with you where ever you go-
Now mother, you are all these things and much more-
I have many found memories I hold in store.
Since you are my mother, I’m sure you will know-
The tribute to you I’m about to bestow.
The life you have given me I ne’er can repay-
Unless I might equal you as a mother some day

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill
May 1960
Written for her mother Minnie Kenslow

Copyright Roy Richard

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