MARYLAND CONNECTION Part 1 (My 8th Great-grandparents)


My oldest granddaughter recently started attending Notre Dame University of Maryland in Baltimore. Most of our family research has centered around Missouri and parts south, but just before my sister Sula passed she found the proof of the missing link in the Richard family. That of Edward Richards (1678-1755). He came from England and lived in Baltimore for a time.

John Richards

Mary Kidder                       Edward Richards              

William Head                                                                      Benjamin Richards

Ann Bigger                          Mary Head


Charles Merryman Sr

Mary Haile                          Charles Merryman Jr     

Thomas Long                                                                     Ann Merryman

Jane Peake                          Jane Long           


MARYLAND CONNECTION – 8th Great-grandparents

John Richards

BORN: 1650, Manchester, Lancashire, England



Mary Kidder Richards

BORN: 1650, Lancashire, England




William Head II

BORN: 1660, Calvert, Maryland, USA

DEATH: 14 Jun 1718, Maryland, USA


Ann Bigger Head

BORN: 1676, Calvert, Maryland, USA

DEATH: 1721, Prince George’s, Maryland, USA



Capt Charles Merryman Sr.

BIRTH: 1655, Lancaster County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 22 Dec 1724 (aged 68–69), Baltimore County, Maryland, USA

BURIAL: Old Saint Pauls Cemetery, Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA

  • Charles was the husband of Mary Haile Merryman 1659-1709
  • Also husband of Mary Matson
  • Daughter Elizabeth Merryman born abt 1702
  • He was the son of John Merryman and Audrey Merryman
  • He was Captain of the Militia in 1696 (Ref: Maryland archives, vol 30, page 544)
  • Will of Charles Merryman
  • 16 Jan 1724 Probated 14 Jan 1725
  • Baltimore Co. MD
  • SLC Family History Microfilm 0012847 Probate Records of MD Vol 17-18 1721-1726

(Find A Grave

Mary Haile Merryman

BIRTH: 1652, York, Virginina

DEATH: 12-22-1709, Baltimore, Maryland



Thomas Long

BORN: 1654, London, England

DEATH: Sept. 1691, Baltimore, Maryland



Jane Peake Long





Copyright Roy Richard

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