“Please allow me to introduce myself…” by Roy Richard

I was born, raised and have spent my entire life living in Genesee County, Michigan. My family is from Pennsylvania on my mother’s side and Missouri on my fathers.

After high school I hired into the ‘shops’, working for General Motors. I worked on the line and drove fork truck before I stated an apprenticeship and learned the trade of Die Maker. I retired from GM with 37 years seniority, a fact I thank the United Auto Workers for. I come from a long line of union members and am proud of that heritage.

As a small child I wanted to become a preacher, something that later in life I did accomplish, becoming ordained in 1987. I served as a bi-vocational pastor at a small church in Flint, Michigan and after that volunteered my services to other local churches.

I was raised in a liberal Baptist denomination. But even their somewhat narrow views weighed heavy on my mind and spirit. At some point I think I became too liberal for even them and acquired a great distaste for the operation of most churches and the men who lead them.

Books and literature have always been my life. Rather than play outside I would lie in my room reading. Most of my early books were bought at the Goodwill. There you could get a Whitman hardcover novel for nineteen cents. I devoured those books. In high school an elective English class titled Cause and Effect introduced me to Butterfly Revolution, The Car Thief, 1984, Animal Farm, and Hiroshima. In my American Literature class, Mr. Fisher shared the joy of Vonnegut with us.

My tastes grew from there to include Stephen King, John Steinbeck, Ayn Rand, Tennessee Williams, Chuck Palahniuk, and yes Tolkien.

I originally stated this blog to use in my ministry but it has now grown to include my attempts at self-expression. The ramblings include some on religion, some on genealogy and many of me chasing the ghosts of my past, trying feebly to rid myself of them.

In addition I have inherited the writings of two female poets who are no longer with us and whose works I feel must be shared to keep their memories and thoughts alive. My great-great aunt Katherne Cary-Place (who I never got to know) and my mother in-law Gail Kenslow-Stogsdill.

So settled back, follow the paths I lay and Journey (as The Amboy Dukes said), to the Center of your Mind.

September 30, 2022

Copyright Roy Richard

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