FALL FESTIVAL by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

The leaves are all a-bustling – they’re preparing for a ball.
Some are already newly gowned – in readiness for fall.
The hues are Oh! So dazzling – there is copper, bronze and gold.
The beauty is breath taking – as this autumn show unfolds.
The stage is very nearly set – there’s a carpet thick and green.
The lanterns are ripe and golden – each with a smile that beams.
As usual a few guests are early – we find scattered hither and yon.
Brightly clad leaves are dancing – in step with the wind on the lawn.
When the song of the wind is louder – and diamonds of rain begin –
The trees will sway to the mighty tune – and our remaining guests will drift in.
The frolic will last for a little while – then the colors will fade away –
The dance floor will be freshly cleaned for the blanket of white’s on its way.
But don’t worry long for another spring will find our friends the leaves in full sway –
They didn’t leave. On no, not the leaves. They just threw their old ball gowns away.

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill
September 27, 1963

Copyright Roy Richard

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