LADY by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Our daughter came running, one day, with such glee –
Saying, “Look what these people have given to me”.
Clutched close in her arms was a black furry ball –
A “wee” German shepherd – not eight inches tall.
We had a pet and could manage no other –
But Grandpa was here and said “I’d like to have her”.
So it was all set.
We would keep her a while –
Then Grandpa would take her several hundred miles.
To live in Missouri – out on a farm –
And she could play where it’s sunny and warm.
We all loved to watch her and the thngs she would do –
The way she would sleep – with her feet all askew.
What would we name her – she seemed such a baby.
But with looking ahead – she’d be a fine Lady.
So Lady we named her and thought the name wise –
For a dignified shepherd grown to full size.
She had lots to learn – she was clumsy at times –
She loved to just chew and her teeth where so fine.
As each day passed she grew dearer to me –
And all of her antics were a pleasure to see.
While ironing one day I decided to rest –
And play with Lady the underfoot pest.
We played a long while and she chewed at my fingers –
The memory of that in my mind will long linger.
For not many minutes had passed on the clock –
When we went to the yard to watch a big truck.
Lucy and Lady were under our feet –
When we left for a drive I ne’er want to repeat.
For when we returned a little boy said, “I just saw Lady, did you know she is dead”?
I couldn’t believe it but what he said was true –
Upon reaching our driveway we saw her too.
We don’t know what happened and maybe it’s better that way –
But we do know we loved her in a special way.
We long will remember that wee ball of fur –
And how in such a few short days we grew so fond of her.

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Copyright Roy Richard

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