The Horse You Came In On Saloon In Baltimore

Baltimore is the home to many unique things and it seems the more I learn about the city the more strange things pop up. It is well known that Edgar Allen Poe spent much of his life in Baltimore, died and is buried there.

What I didn’t realize was a bar in Fells Point called The Horse You Came In On Saloon is considered the last place Poe was seen before being found ill and then dying. Adding to this theory is a seat at the bar is designated as Poe’s last stop and rumors that the upstairs rooms are haunted by his ghost.

If this isn’t reason enough to visit this drinking establishment, consider the following also:

The Horse is the oldest continuously operating bar in America, being established in 1755 and first called Al and Ann’s. The front bar is the original tavern area, while the back rooms were converted from the former stables into a functioning part of the bar.

Baltimore resident Howard Gerber placed a five thousand dollar bet at Pimlico raceway in 1972. His horse won, giving him enough money to buy the bar. The bar is said to be named The Horse You Came In On because the horse came in on the money for Howard.

Mr. Gerber went on to become a trial lawyer in Baltimore and in 2006 sold the bar in an auction to Eric Mathias and Spiros Korologos. Gerber died in 2020.

When I visited the kitchen had not yet opened so I can not speak to the food but the history and atmosphere are well worth a visit

The Horse You Came In On Saloon
1626 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
Phone: (410) 327-8111

Monday	4PM–1:30AM
Tuesday	4PM–1:30AM
Wednesday	4PM–1:30AM
Thursday	4PM–1:30AM
Friday		12PM–1:30AM
Saturday	12PM–1:30AM
Sunday	12–10PM

Copyright Roy Richard

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