CHRISTMAS DAY by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

If I could have the kind of day I’d like on Christmas Day –
It would be to greet each one of you in a good old fashioned way.
To spend the day chatting. O’er events of long ago –
And then enjoy the Christmas feast, near a fire that’s all aglow.
To enjoy the gay, young faces, to watch their eyes shine bright –
As they tell about that grand “ole guy” who dropped in last night.
Yes, ‘twould be a mighty package, beneath that tree of mine –
To open and unfold the ones, with my heart and mind.
Since we are widely scattered and visits won’t be made –
I’m sending you “Best Wishes” may you have a “Blessed Day”.

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Copyright Roy Richard

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