CHRISTMAS by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

I am sending out a Christmas box,
To the ones that are true and dear.
It’s crammed right to the very top,
With love and Christmas cheer.

I spoke to old St. Nick today,
He said that he would see,
That Christmas Eve you’d find it,
Right beneath your Christmas tree.

Now when you tear the wrapping off,
And open wide the lid,
Be very careful and you’ll find,
That loving thoughts are hid.

Between each gift they’re packed as tight,
From bottom to brim,
I had to crowd them just a bit,
To make them all fit in.

Each gift is gorgeously arrayed,
In wrappings gay and bright,
A lovely box in gold and red,
And some in red and white.

With holly wreaths and mistletoe,
And greetings of good cheer,
With loving thought and wishes too,
To the ones I hold most dear.

I’m wishing I might share your joy,
As round the tree you lay,
Each little gift from sunny land,
I’m sending you today.

I’m wishing I might share the bliss,
Of being home with you,
And fill each stocking to the top,
As once we used to do.

I’d like to help you trim the tree,
With tinsel and with gold,
And light each tiny candle,
As once we did of old.

And best of all I’d like to share,
The turkey stuffed and brown.
And watch happy faces,
As the gifts are passed around.

But since I cannot share the joy,
That comes where home folks stay,
I’ll try to be happy,
As I can on Christmas day.

I will not think of sadness,
And my brow shall wear no frown,
But from a heart that’s thankful,
I’ll pass my smiles around

And I’ll be glad and happy,
Long before the day is through,
That I was spared to send some gifts,
To loving folks like you.

So, Merry Christmas, one and all,
Comes wished warm and true,
May all your days be sunny days,
Is the wish from me to you.


Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
December 15th

Copyright Roy Richard

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