OUT OF THE PAST by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

The night is dark and still,
	No moon gives forth its light,
A million stars like jewels glow,
	Into the murky night.

Enchanted hour of peace,
	When nature seems to rest,
I wait, then free the memories dear,
	Locked tight within my breast.

They cling around me close,
	These memories of a time,
They whisper of enchanted hours,
	Of life and love sublime.

I hold them fast and wait,
	And then I see you there,
A silver radiance your gown,
	With starlight in your hair.

Out of the past you come to me,
	Like a breath from a fragrant isle,
With carmine lips and eyes aglow,
	And the dear old haunting smile.

I know you have journeyed afar from me,
	And the way is lost to view,
But I cherish the smile that I used to know.
	When the road was short to you.

I feast my eyes on an ethereal form,
	And I would not let you go,
But the stars fade out and end in the East,
	Is Dawn’s first crimson glow.

Your form has vanished beyond gaze,
	There is gray where the star dust lay,
So I gather the memories dear to me,
	And lock them fast away

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
September 1931

Copyright Roy Richard

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