I sit in terror each night,
	Watching you slip away.
The brightness in your eyes, your energy,
	Is slowly ebbing away.
You wear a brave face, fight a gallant battle,
	But I fear you hide the truth.
Is there more to your pain or fear?
	Your body seems to tell a different story.
Over time the proof that we are soul mates,
	Has confirmed itself time and time again.
This fact is brutal, because we are one,
	My mind, body and soul slip with you.
I try to be all for you,
	But my frustration all too often shows its self.
I am pissed, mad, angry, frustrated,
	At this thing that I cannot control.
I struggle with where to vent these emotions – feelings,
	That build up and rot me inside out.

Roy Richard
December 2022

Copyright Roy Richard

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