SONGS OF PRAISE by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Up on the top of a tall pine tree,
	The cardinal sang to the sun,
This is a wonderful place to be,
	And oh, the glory that I can see,
From the bough I am sitting on.

The willow tree on the river bank,
Rustles its leaves of green,
Oh this wonderful place to be,
	And I am as happy as can be,
And I am a very lucky tree,
	My life is calm and serene.

The roses nodded in pleased surprise,
	As they peeped above the wall,
And scattered petals along the land,
When they heard the cardinal call.

Oh this is a wonderful place to be,
	Close to the shade of the tall pine tree,
And the willow so graceful, cool and green.

On the bonnie bank of the silver stream,
Where buttercups gold and daises grow,
	And fragrant breezes of summer blow.
A little child in an open field,
	Roamed through the golden glow,
Of buttercups bright as the noon day sun,
	And she laughed and sang as gathered each one.

What a wonderful place is this to play,
	And oh, what a perfectly splendid day,
Out where the cooling breezes blow,
	Where buttercups and daises grow.

My Father gave all this beauty free,
	For flowers like you and kiddies like me

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
August 1, 1931

Copyright Roy Richard

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