Sweet Sixteen by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

What fun to be “sixteen” years old –
You can now be a little “bold”.
You’ve waited quite a while we know—
To “drive” the “car”! To have a “beau”!
“Long” hair is style – straight as can be –
No “curls” or “bangs” of “femininity”.
Boy’s hair is “long” and “flowing” –
Repeated looks! There’s still no “knowing” –
Which “sex” has just come into view –
They look the same! Alas! ‘Tis true!
Pants are the thing! Guess “women’s lib” –
Put the girls in “overalls” and “bib”.
“Cloddy” shoes and a walk that’s “shoddy” –
Doesn’t flatter legs or add grace to the body!
“Elephant legs” are selling like mad –
If you look “great” – they say you look “bad”.
But the past few weeks there’s been a “trend” –
Toward the “layered look” and some “bobby pins”.
Some girls are cutting “short” their hair –
And “curls” are appearing here and there.
“Platform soles” are the newest in shoes –
Reviving the “40’s”? Can this be true?
“Hippies” have been part of your generation –
Other “groups” other “times” have crossed our nation.
In the “50’s” there were “Beatniks” in their “pads” –
And to regular folk – they looked quite “bad”.
          (And I don’t mean good.)
In your parent’s day, there were no groups –
Just “teen-age” kinds in some old “coupe”.
But years ago in your grandparents day –
The “gangsters” of the “20’s” were in full sway.
So guess its all part of civilization –
And helps us appreciate our nation.
Here “fads” always seem to come and go –
And each generation has to put on their “show”.
But looks to me now as you’re nearing “sixteen” –
YOUR generation’s going to come out “clean”!
I think the “young folk” are getting wise –
To drugs and things that dull the stars in their eyes.
No “young generation” in the recent past –
Has praised GOD more than yours my lass.
Your family takes pride in all you do –
And we’re Oh, so happy that you are you

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill
Copyright Roy Richard

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