June by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

June is a sort of paradise
With blue dome over head
And oleanders blooming near
In pink and white and red
The ocean nipping at your feet
Sunshine that’s simply grand
A cool breeze a blowing
Across a silver strand

There’s other months that’s nice, I guess
Some folks just wait for spring
Or early fall and Christmas time
With all the things they bring
Like Santa Claus and budding trees
And May sent with bloom
But seems that none of these are like
The loving month of June

In June the birds sing sweetest
And the sunshine seems to be
Spread just a little thicker
For common folks like me
And all the air is scented sweet
Where roses haste to bloom
And wedding bells ring merriest
In the lovely month of June

Then give me June and you can have
The other months that bring
The gifts of love, or budding trees
That come early in spring
Or falls that crown the top most peak
Where summers pass too soon
All these are yours, but leave to me
The sunny month of June

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
May 6, 1932

Copyright Roy Richard

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