Kaskaskia Brethren Church

I have a copy of the meeting minutes from the Church my Great-grandparents and Grandfather attended in Illinois. It was the Richard side, Peter, Sarah and Oliver. It was a Brethren Church called The Kaskaskia Brethren Church and was located in in Fayette County Illinois. The congregation met in the Hogge Schoolhouse and at some time built their own building.

It appears that it might have been a mission church from another location. 

The Brethren, according to Wiki	: “The Brethren have "no creed," but embrace the entire New Testament as their "rule of faith and practice." If a single part of the New Testament is most pointed to as a guide for members' lives, it is the Sermon on the Mount. The early Brethren were very meticulous in applying the New Testament to every situation. For example, they baptize in a forward direction because "we are baptized into his death", and at the moment of his death, Jesus' head fell forward.”


The bulk of the meeting minutes seem to deal with either donations or the conduct of the congregation.

I’ve pulled out the sections where the Richard family is mentioned.

1887 my great-grandfather Peter Richard pledged $25 to the District Missions Works, to be paid at five cents per week.

Peter, his wife Sarah and daughter Jane all joined the church through a letter of introduction on May 14, 1892.

My grandfather Oliver joined the church on October 7, 1892. 

February 1893, Peter was placed on the committee to rid the church house of tobacco spit.

October 16, 1893, a committee was sent to pay a ‘special’ visit to grandfather Oliver.

November 25, 1893, Oliver’s case was deferred.

December 9, 1893, Oliver’s “case was called up and the Church extended time till next council to make acknowledgment, and if he fails is hereby disowned.”

January 6, 1894, Oliver did not attend the church meeting. 

February 23, 1895, Peter was ‘released’ from the committee he was serving on (The Committee to Keep the House Clean). It appears there might have been some bickering over the use of tobacco in the church house. 

November 3, 1894, Oliver confessed his wrongs and was pardoned by the church and reinstated in full fellowship.

April 12, 1896 the Richard family was granted a letter of introduction to moved their membership elsewhere. 

I have no idea what Oliver was accused of; he would have been 21 at this time. He moved to Missouri and married Grandmother (Phoebe Rogers) in 1900

Peter and Sarah were buried in Illinois, so I don’t think they followed him to Missouri

Peterson Warren Richard (1850-1906) married Sarah Ann Wolf (1854-1925) in 1871.

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