Karen and Michael

Karen didn’t really love Michael; she was using him. She wanted from him, someone to pay for dates and to chauffer her around. In addition, the status that being a couple might bring.

On the other hand, Michael was infatuated with Karen. He still could not believe his luck in having such a HOT girlfriend. He most often didn’t see the way she treated him; for he was too star struck to notice. On the rare occasion, his feelings were hurt, he let it slide. He didn’t want to make her mad and it was surely his fault anyways.

Their relationship had started in the 8th grade at a home basketball game. She had picked him out of the crowd and boldly announced to him that they were destined to be together. They made a date for that weekend to see a movie. 

Karen called a couple of her crew and bragged that she was going to see the new hit romance for free. Popcorn included. Michael went home and jerked off, her candy smell in his nostrils.  

Karen and Michael had not had sex yet. There had been some heavy petting and one attempt at a hand job, but he didn’t last long enough to get it out of his jeans.

Karen had learned well from her mother to be a user. Her mother’s only efforts in life were in aligning some sap or looser to fulfill her existence. If that effort took on physical exertion, then it was not worth the time and energy and a new victim was found. 

Michael had been brought up in a household ruled by the females there. His widowed grandmother, who lived with them, held court each morning. While his mother and three sisters continued to let his father know what a bum he was. 

As their senior year of high school came to a close, Karen began to realize that to achieve the life she wanted to be accustomed to, Michael would have to be replaced. She began to scheme and plan.

Michael, long ago had crossed college off the list because he knew he needed to find a job quickly after graduation. One that would satisfy Karen and keep her by his side. He dreamed of her being his wife and the brood of children they would raise.

Michael had purchased am expensive corsage and rented a limo for prom. In his pocket was a small family heirloom diamond ring. He planned to ask Karen to marry him after the dance.

Karen had decided that while at the dance, she would tell Michael to ‘hit the road’, that she had bigger and better plans than him. Her thought was a crowd would minimize the drama.

Karen made sure that her crew were in listening distance when she told Michael he was a lost cause and had no future, especially with her. The crew laughed, she smirked and Michael stood in disbelief. 

Karen before being dropped at home, went with her crew and visited the local pizza place. The crew bought for her, since she had been through so much headache that night. She met an interesting prospect there who was home for the summer from college.

Michael met a large oak tree on the way home

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