Mary Barah

In 2021 Mary Barah made bank,
29.1 million dollars in compensation.
 But the ‘rats’ on the line?
They averaged $134,000 dollars,
That’s 217 times more.

Who is worth that kind of money?
How can she justify accepting that?
GM was built on the backs of the ‘rats’,
Not her fancy degrees.

Each contract year GM cries foul,
Claim they struggle to turn a profit,
Want cuts and demand concessions,
While planning over lobster and caviar.

I doubt her dad would be proud,
His living came from the sweat of his brow,
On the hot nasty shop floor,
I’m sure he wanted better for her, but…

Was she a greedy and spoiled child?
Or did the limelight,
And thirst for power,
Turn her soul?

Mary remember your roots,
The heartache and pain of the ‘rats’,
That made it possible,
For dear old dad to provide.

Roy Richard
April 2023

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