How I became Coot

All my life I feel like I have never been known as myself. School, college and the first few years of work, I was known as my social security number. GM at some point implemented an employee ID number and I became known as that. I was always referred to by how I was related. Earl or Nan’s son. My wife’s husband. My daughter’s dad. Etc.

When my oldest daughter became pregnant with what be our first grandchild, I was asked what I wanted to be called. Pops, Grandpa, Granddad, etc. I jokingly said Coot, as in “Old Coot”. After all I was known as being somewhat if a curmudgeon. 

Well, the name stuck and since 2004, I have been known as Coot to our family and most of our friends.

I wear the name proudly. I find it weird when a granddaughter refers to me as their grandfather. 

Coot it is and Coot I’ll answer to. 

Roy Richard
May 2023

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