You Stand in The Pulpit

You Stand in The Pulpit

You stand in the pulpit,
Shoulders back, chest puffed out,
As if an animal seeking to impress a mate,
Accusations flying along with the spittle from your mouth.

You make vague references to a promise of love,
Yet only judgement and damnation are heard.
You bastardize a Gospel of love and acceptance,
In order to humiliate your flock.

Christ came to minister to the people,
To feed, sooth, love and understand,
With open arms, waiting to accept those in need,
He taught Love They Neighbor as They Self.

You would have those who are different become outcasts, 
Unlovable because of your perception of sin,
Yet the book you preach from instructs that,
“Do not judge or you too will be judged.”

How many came seeking help,
And sitting under your teaching,
Fled into the night, lost and hurting,
No better for their experience.

Do you not fear the damnation you will receive,
When God, at judgement,
Asks where those hurting souls are now?
Do you think that the judgements you made will be a valid excuse?

Roy Richard
May 2023

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